BS Zoology


Presently 60 students enrolled for B.S Zoology programs. The department offers variety courses in different fields of Zoology at B.S. Seminars are arranged to give an opportunity to the students for gaining from experiences of local and foreign scholars/experts. Besides, scholars of the country are invited to lectures/seminars/workshops on number of topics for the benefits of students

 Our Vision

Department of Zoology shall be nationally and internationally recognized as a premiere sear of learning with a global perspective that educates those who will fashion a more human and just world, through a strong commitment to the cause of development.

Our Mission

To produce innovative undergraduate, graduate and master educated personals that contribute to development of the individual society and for national and international level. By providing quality education, we empower individuals to become caring, competent, responsible citizens who value education as a lifelong process.

Our Goal

Help students to acquire the knowledge skills and attitude to succeed as a scientist in the Department of Zoology, whatever by launching a career in an industry, institution and agriculture as well as built on bio computing technology or by joining on the way to research.

 Our Objectives

Develop a broad understanding of the process and styles of Zoology, which will prepare students for employments in a very wide range of career including Fisheries, Marin biology, Forestry, Limnology, Parasitological and Entomology in the private and public sector.


Department of Zoology, at Govt Post Graduate College mandian was started in Fall 2011. At the beginning Departments of Zoology, Bioinformatics were combined. It recognized as its self identity as a separate department in Spring 2012. There are 03 faculty member and 01 non teaching staff. All the faculty members are engaged in teaching and research programmes.

Besides teaching the Department is emerging as home of excellence in specialized areas of Molecular Biology, Animal Conservation, Molecular Cytogenetics, Fisheries, Entomology and Bioinformatics.

The Department is well equipped with highly dedicated faculty and sophisticated labs of Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics. The Molecular Cytogenetics and Tissue Culture Labs are under the process of development with Department of Botany & Genetics.

Admissions and other academic activities of the Department of Zoology are strictly in accordance to the Hazara University Academic Calendar i.e. admissions to BS are open during Fall.


Academic Programs and Degrees offered

The Department of Zoology is offering BS Zoology program about which the details are as under 

BS (Zoology) Scheme of Studies & Course Contents

Scheme of Study with Contents (Download)